Our Onboarding Process

Partner up with us and have us manage your turnovers on an ongoing basis. We have systems in place that allow our clients to have an automated and worry-free experience. We sync with your Airbnb, HomeAway or Vrbo calendar or integrate directly with your PMS (Guesty, BookingSync, etc.) to automatically see your check-outs and check-ins so we know when to have your place cleaned and made guest-ready. No manual bookings necessary. Everything is automated! 


1) Fill OUT our onboarding Form (Below) to request our service: 

- Give us about 12-36 hours to go through your request. We'll get in touch with you to give you feedback.

2) Let's schedule a phone call and/or walkthrough if needed:

- Do you have any additional questions? Do you think it would make sense to do a walkthrough? No problem!

3) We'll create your account and sync with your calendars:

- Let's confirm the first 2-3 upcoming turnovers to make sure we're successfully sync'd. 

4) You give us the 'GO' and we'll start Managing your turnovers:

- We created your account, have all the necessary info, are sync'd with your calendars and ready to go.

5) We'll invoice you every 10-15 days via '2-click online invoice':

- No payments in advance necessary. Everything is automated! 


New Client Onboarding Form

This form was created based on our experience managing short-term rentals ourselves and after having performed over 20,000 turnovers as of December, 2018. Having all this important information about you and your rental will help us deliver a perfect and smooth turnover based on your exact needs and expectations. 

Name *
Phone *
Your Business or Home Address *
Your Business or Home Address
Your rental's address *
Your rental's address
Please include the name of apartment complex if applicable, as well as the unit number.
Please make sure to count any space that has a bed as a bedroom. (Den, Loft space, Attic, Office with extra bed, etc.)
How do we access the building? Where do we park? How can we find your unit? Are there any door codes? Will we get a copy of your keys from you? Or is there a lockbox? etc.
This helps us to get a first look of your place, your set-up, your standards, etc. And we will also use your pictures for our visual checklist and staging purposes.
When is your check-out time? *
When is your check-out time?
When is your check-in time? *
When is your check-in time?
How many towels do you provide per person/ per bathroom? Please provide the total towel count of each size (body, face, hand) that should always be available for guests. Do you have extras? Where do you store them? How many sheet sets do you have in total? What does your sheet set consist of? Do you provide extras accessible for guests?
Do you want us to wash your linen in-unit (included) or off-site ($15 per bedroom)? If you want us to wash in-unit, do you have a washer and dryer in your unit, or in your building? Do you provide detergent for us?
Do you provide the supplies and you want us to re-stock for your guests each turnover? (free service) If yes, how many paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, trash bags, coffee pods, snacks, etc. shall we re-stock for you? Where do you store them? Or do you want us to take care of the re-stocking process using our own supplies and replenishments? (at an extra cost)
Do we need to be careful with any surface or material? Which floor types are there? Do you have an outdoor space that needs to be cleaned? Do you want us to use specific cleaning products? Are you absolutely against certain products like for example Fabuloso? Where can we find the garbage? When is trash day and do you need us to roll your bins to the curb on certain days?
Let us know if you have a vacuum cleaner, mop, broom & dustpan, swiffer or specific cleaning products that are available for us to use. No worries if not, we do bring our own products and supplies.
Is your rental available year-round? Or do you only rent it out over the Summer months/ while you're out of town?
(We do have general liability insurance as well as workers comp for our team members)
If no, check out our partners 'NoiseAware'. Get a 10% discount with the code 'KLEENERLY'!
We directly integrate with Airbnb so we can sync with your calendar to automatically see your turnovers and know when to perform a turnover cleaning. (no worries we only see the dates of check-out and next check-in and no other info) It's hands-off and no manual bookings are necessary. All you would have to do is share your iCal link, which you can find on your Airbnb listing under Availabilities (in the bottom of the page - Export Calendar). From then on we invoice on a bi-weekly basis - so no payments in advance necessary. Everything is automated :)
Follow these instructions for exporting the iCal of your Homeaway/Vrbo listing: https://help.homeaway.com/articles/How-do-I-import-my-iCal-or-Google-calendar. It's under the section "To remove an external calendar"
Make sure to check out our FAQ's as well!

Here are some FAQ's:

Do I have to confirm my bookings or check-outs with you so you know when to turn over my place for the next guests? 

If we're sync'd with your Airbnb/HomeAway/Vrbo Calendar or integrated with your PMS, then we can see your turnover schedule and you don't necessarily have to confirm every turnover cleaning with us. However, please feel free to occasionally check in with us if you want to make absolutely sure that we have your turnaround on our schedule. If there's any last-minute bookings or changes to your reservation, please definitely let as know as soon as possible, so we can double check that we see the new last-minute or same-day booking on our side. 

When and how shall I communicate any early check-ins/ late check-outs or any other guest or owner requests?

The sooner the better, so we can make sure to manually put the request in our system for our next scheduled service. In general, we prefer to communicate via email, but if you need to get in contact with us as soon as possible, please feel free to text or call us. Usually we answer our emails within 1-6 hours and our text messages within 30-60 minutes. As mentioned, if it's urgent - please give us a call.

What's included in my turnover service? 

  • 5-star hotel-like Turnover cleaning with on-site laundry service (unless off-site laundry is requested - for an additional charge)

  • Quality check before check-in by a professionally trained inspector (guest-ready check)

  • Inspection, maintenance & damage report

  • Re-stocking of your own supplies (if stored in bulk in a locked owners closet or shipped to our warehouse. We store your supplies for free and place the appropriate amounts for each new guest)

  • Re-stocking of our supplies is an additional fee

  • Call-back option for guests in case something was missed. We'll come back within 6-24 hours to touch-up on the missed area for free.

  • Automated hands-free scheduling & booking process

  • 2-click online invoicing

Do you let me know about the condition of my property after each guest so I can rate them? 

We have a general rule that has been working well with all of our clients: If guests left your place in good condition or we find it in 'normal use' condition, you will not hear from us and you can leave your guests a good review. If we find your place in a condition that's more dirty than usual then we will definitely let you know asap. Depending on how bad the condition is, we would then most likely have to add an additional 'deeper approach' cleaning fee to reimburse our team member for the extra time.

Do you inform me about any missing items, damages or maintenance items?

Yes, the first step of our turnover cleaning process is to do an initial walk-through to check for anything that 'looks out of the ordinary', for items left behind, for damages or any maintenance items. Our team is well trained and can often notice any of the mentioned items during the initial walk-through or as the unit is being cleaned.

After you reported a maintenance item, do you take care of it? 

We don't currently offer a maintenance service. However, we do have referrals if needed.